Our passion for finding the right executive for the right job means that whether we’re conducting an executive search, planning your CEO succession or hiring your board members, our dedicated and experienced team will always strive to find the best result for you and your top team.

A Proven Methodology

Our propriety methodology has been developed over more than two decades. This ensures that our specialists take a consistent and transparent approach to working collaboratively with clients, whilst balancing this with the flexibility to find a creative solution for each individual brief. The team’s operations are underpinned by a deep commitment to confidentiality and integrity. Our independent structure also enables us to avoid potential conflicts of interest, thereby maximising the breadth of our search capabilities. In this spirit, we bring the full team to bear on each search as we work as one organisation with one P&L. The success of our approach speaks for itself as most processes take less than 120 days to complete with exceptionally high satisfaction rates.

We specialise in the following services:

Building Diverse Boards

With boards coming under increasing scrutiny from the media, shareholders and regulators, choosing the right board members has never been more important.

At Segalen + associés, we know that a balanced and effective board with good governance and integrity will help to future-proof a company for years to come. That is why our integrated team offers a tailored service that allows companies to create diverse boards with the right balance of culture, capability and expertise. With decades of collective experience, Segalen + associés’ senior partners can offer exceptional strategic advice to organisations and management on how to build boards that will strengthen businesses for the future.

Executive Search

Segalen + associés specialises in empowering companies to reach peak performance through finding the right management and leadership talent. We firmly believe that fast growing businesses need a search partnership with a broad range of capabilities and a personalised approach to help companies find the best candidate in a diverse pool of possibilities.

Our senior consultants and partners understand that personality and cultural fit is just as important as skills and experience. That is why Segalen + associés works as a collaborative partnership to analyse clients’ needs, find the right individuals for the right role. We apply a rigorous assessment process to reflect the utmost due diligence, and pride ourselves on our ability to think outside of the box.

Succession Planning

Ensuring that the transition from one senior leader to the next is a smooth and efficient process is at the heart of Segalen + associés work. When anyone of a company’s C-suite leaves, it is an extremely sensitive time for a business, we are dedicated to delivering proactive succession plans that ensure an effective transition, minimising risks and reputational uncertainty.