About us

Segalen+ASSOCIES is an independent consulting firm that specialises in the search and assessment of executives, directors and professional experts on behalf of its clients.

Founded in 2011, with offices in London and Paris, the firm is driven by a deep desire to help companies connect with a diverse range of talented professionals to support their long-term growth.

Segalen+ASSOCIES works in particular with entrepreneurs, listed multinationals, large family businesses and investment funds.

At Segalen+ASSOCIES, we’ve developed a structured approach that draws on the background and experiences of each of our team members. By listening attentively to our clients’ needs, following a rigorously structured methodology, conducting a detailed assessment of candidates’ technical skills based on industry knowledge and interviewing them carefully about their motivations and values, we can identify candidates that match to our clients’ expectations, culture and areas of expertise.

We strongly believe that our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of people, markets and industry sectors, our finely-tuned assessment capabilities and our respect for the interests of both clients and candidates enable us to make a difference and contribute, in our own specific way, to driving organisational transformation.

( Creating Inspiring Connections )